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Exciting Adventures in Photography and Consciousness Workshop

by Dr. John A. Allocca

Date and Time TBA


The journey will follow the Native American Medicine Wheel and based on the book "An Exciting Photographic Adventure Through The Medicine Wheel."

Photography is the basic tool used in this journey. Any camera or cell phone can be used.

This class is entirely devoted to self-discovery without discussion of religious views or beliefs. The Native American Medicine Wheel is a tool used in this class for the purpose of self-discovery without any religious context. The Native American Medicine Wheel has been used for thousands of years for healing and transformation. It uses the four directions, connecting us to the forces pf nature and the cycles of life. Movement in the Medicine Wheel is circular in a clockwise direction. The directions can also represent stages of life such as; birth, youth, adult, death; or seasons of the year such as spring, summer, winter, fall; or aspects of life such as spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical; or elements of nature such as fire, air, water, and earth; or animals such as eagle, snake, jaguar, buffalo, and many others.

You will also be able to communicate with your classmates through our forum.


You will be required to purchase and read the book "An Exciting Photographic Adventure Through The Medicine Wheel" prior to the workshop.


The fees will be announced.




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Consciousness and Photography Forum

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Exciting Adventures in Photography and Consciousness Workshop, $TBA

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