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Introduction to Astronomy and Photography (Black and White Book)

Dr. John A. Allocca, Copyright 2017
ISBN 978-1547107346
161 - 6" x 9" pages

This book covers the basics of astronomy and photography

Table of Contents:
Part 1 - Astronomy Basics
    Learning Astronomy
    Binocular Collimation
    Telescopes and Spotting Scopes
    Field of View
    Light Gathering
    Tripods and Mounts
    Polar Alignment with an Equatorial Mount
    Star Charts for the Northern Hemisphere
    Moon Phases
    Perspective of Earth and the Universe
Part 2 - Photography Basics
    Photography Basics
    DSLR Astrophotography
    Backyard Bird Photography
    A Beginner's Guide to Imaging the Moon

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An Exciting Photographic Adventure In Consciousness (Full Color Photos)

Dr. John A. Allocca, Copyright 2019
ISBN 9781082872327
171 - 6" x 9" pages

This book contains two personal journeys: 2009 and 2018. The journeys follow the Native American Medicine Wheel. The 2009 journey changed directions synchronized with the four seasons. The 2018 journey changed direction when the author felt it was time to move on to the next direction. Although each direction is related to a season, directions can change at any time for any time interval. In addition to the author's personal journeys, the book contains guidance for your own personal journey and to explore your own personal consciousness and your relationship to others and the world.

Photography is the basic tool used in this journey. Any camera or cell phone can be used. Mindfulness and Ego Control Battles are another tool that is used to improve interactions with others.

Meditation can be used or not be used. It is entirely a participant's choice. A guided meditation is provided in this book along with some Yoga asanas (Desktop Yoga), which was developed by the author for those with little time or little energy.

BrainicityTM Brain Biofield Therapy (audio CD) may be used in addition to meditation or to replace meditation. It is entirely a participant's choice.

This book is entirely devoted to self-discovery without discussion of religious views or beliefs. The Native American Medicine Wheel is a tool used in this book for the purpose of self-discovery without any religious context. The Native American Medicine Wheel has been used for thousands of years for healing and transformation. It uses the four directions, connecting us to the forces pf nature and the cycles of life. Movement in the Medicine Wheel is circular in a clockwise direction. The directions can also represent stages of life such as; birth, youth, adult, death; or seasons of the year such as spring, summer, winter, fall; or aspects of life such as spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical; or elements of nature such as fire, air, water, and earth; or animals such as eagle, snake, jaguar, buffalo, and many others.

Dr. Allocca is a medical research scientist and biophysicist with many years of personal experience in photography.

All of the photos and diagrams in this book are in full color.

Table of Contents:
Mindfulness and Ego Control Battles
It Started in Sedona
The Journey Begins
East 2009
South 2009
West 2009
North 2009
East 2018
South 2018
West 2018
North 2018
Your Personal Journey - Part 1 - Beginning with a Camera
Your Personal Journey - Part 2 - Beginning Assignments
Your Personal Journey - Part 3 - East
Your Personal Journey - Part 4 - South
Your Personal Journey - Part 5 - West
Your Personal Journey - Part 6 - North
Your Personal Journey - Part 7 - Journey Reflection
Appendix 1 - The Genesis Meditation
Appendix 2 - Desktop Yoga
Appendix 3 - BrainicityTM Biofield Therapy

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