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Introduction to Astronomy and Photography (Black and White Book)

Dr. John A. Allocca, Copyright 2017
ISBN 978-1547107346
161 - 6" x 9" pages

This book covers the basics of astronomy and photography

Table of Contents:
Part 1 - Astronomy Basics
    Learning Astronomy
    Binocular Collimation
    Telescopes and Spotting Scopes
    Field of View
    Light Gathering
    Tripods and Mounts
    Polar Alignment with an Equatorial Mount
    Star Charts for the Northern Hemisphere
    Moon Phases
    Perspective of Earth and the Universe
Part 2 - Photography Basics
    Photography Basics
    DSLR Astrophotography
    Backyard Bird Photography
    A Beginner's Guide to Imaging the Moon

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Cookbook For The Mind
Recipes Include: Brain Biofield Technology, Photography, Buddhism, Yoga, Shamanism

Dr. John A. Allocca, Copyright 2019
ISBN 9781691698615
182 - 6" x 9" pages

Everyone wants inner peace. It is the lack of inner peace that causes hatred and violence. For thousands of years various disciplines have structured long studies, mentoring, and meditations of some sort to achieve the goal of inner peace. Most of these disciplines are found in eastern cultures. The fast-paced western society has shown little interest in them, with some small exceptions. What is the solution? The solution or part of the solution is to develop a methodology that comprises of technology and some aspects of the various disciplines that will be useful and of interest to people in western society.

Almost everyone in western society has a cell phone with a camera, which makes photography easy. Photography is a tool used in this methodology to to explore what people feel inside. Any camera or cell phone can be used. What are you called to photograph? What emotions does the photograph bring to the surface? How does it make you feel? This book will help to guide you through this process. This book contains two of Dr. Allocca's personal journeys: 2009 and 2018.

Mindfulness and control of Ego Control Battles are another tool that is used to understand and improve interactions with others.

Brain biofield technology is used in this methodology to calm the mind and develop interactions between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Or, one can use meditation or both.

For the body and the mind is "Desktop Yoga." This is a methodology that requires little time and little effort. It was developed for those in a rush or for those with little energy.

Last, but not least, no cookbook will be complete without dessert. Gluten free desserts are included in this book for pleasure.

Dr. Allocca is a medical research scientist and biophysicist with many years of personal experience in photography and with some knowledge of Buddhism, Shamanism, and Yoga.

Table of Contents:
    Mindfulness and Ego Control Battles
    A Dash of Buddhism
    Brain Biofield Technology
    The Genesis Meditation
    A Dash of Yoga
    The Journey Started in Sedona
    A Dash of Shamanism (Vision Quest Journey)
    Vision Quest - East 2009
    Vision Quest - South 2009
    Vision Quest - West 2009
    Vision Quest - North 2009
    Vision Quest - East 2018
    Vision Quest - South 2018
    Vision Quest - West 2018
    Vision Quest - North 2018
    Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 1 - Beginning with a Camera
    Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 2 - Beginning Assignments
    Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 3 - East
    Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 4 - South
    Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 5 - West
    Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 6 - North
    Your Personal Journey Guidance - Part 7 - Journey Reflection
    Gluten Free Desserts

All of the photos and diagrams in this book are in full color.

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