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Photography - A Path To Healing

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Photography - A Path To Healing (Free course, scroll down to the next section)
Photography - A Path To Healing

  • Primary focus will be self-discovery and spirituality
  • Monthly Meetings on Zoom
  • Private Email Listserver for the Group
  • No Fees
  • No Contests
  • Only one Rule: be kind to each other

The emphasis of this study is on self-discovery. Photography is used as a medium to express and explore our inner-self and to connect us to the world around us.

We usually render in art what we relate to the most. We will explore the relationship of photography to issues of ourselves, our relationships to others, and the world around us. These issues are a part of us and will be present in our creative artwork.

If you don't know anything about photography, you can use a cell phone to take photos or you can sketch, paint, draw, arrange music, or any form of artwork that calls to you. If you want to advance your photography skills and/or learn astronomy, Dr. Allocca can provide further instruction. The focus of this program is to find expression for your authentic spiritual self.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of the month between 7-8 pm eastern time via Zoom. Email Dr John if you are interested in joining the group.

Free Self-Discovery Course

The journey will follow the path of the Ancient Wheel of Four Directions, a living tool as we travel to each direction. The attributes of the Ancient Wheel of Four Directions varies from culture to culture. Some common thoughts are the principle that life is a circle and that the four directions stand for North, South, East and West with Mother Earth being below and Father Sky being above. The Wheel can be seen as a mirror that lets us see inside ourselves and our society in order to develop, realize, and become our potential. As we grow, we change like the seasons, passing through the sections of the circle, learning from each direction.

The course is free. Click on the link below to start the course at the Thinkific School

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Explore the universe from your home to the outer reaches of the space

You can start with a self portrait

Photograph the moon with a telescope or camera lens

Photograph the moon in daylight with an iPhone.

Capture a moment in time

Photographic Ancient Journey of Four directions

Capture a beautiful scene

Sometimes you just have to wait and wait and wait...

Then there may be clouds...