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Heavy Camera Equipment Transport System (click)

Solar Imaging and Observing (click)

Tracking and Stacking Photos in Photoshop.pdf (click)

Macro vs Telephoto (click)

Dueling Cameras for Wildlife and Landscape (click)

Why Do I Need A Large Lens For Wildlife Photography? (click)

A Practical Nature Photography Hiking Setup.pdf (click)

Wheeled Camera Case Setup for Wildlife Photography (click)

Carrying Photographic Equipment The Easy Way (click)

Lightweight Backpackers Observation Kit (click)

Using a Ball Head as a Gimbal Head (click)

Lunar Imaging at Various Focal Lengths (click)

Wildlife and Nature Phototography Equipment Recommendations (click)

A Beginner's Guide to Imaging the Moon (click)

Introduction to Non-Tracking DSLR Astrophotography (click)

70 mm to 600 mm Full Frame at 40 Feet.pdf (click)

Backyard Bird Photography (click)

Crop Sensor vs Full Frame Sensor Cameras and Lenses (click)

Lens Simulations (click)

Depth of Field Examples (click)

Sony FE 90 mm Macro Lens Resolution Tests.pdf (click)

Nikon D810 vs Nikon D810a with Photoshop Processing (click)

Comparison of Optics for Imaging the 2017 Solar Eclipse (click)

Tokina 17-35 mm F4 FX AF for Nikon Test Shots (45 mb) (click)

Night Vision - The Red Myth (click)

Binoculars (click)

Travel Case for Celestron C6 Telescope (click)

Lens Exposure Time Calculator

Field of View Calculator

Nikon Lens Simulator

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